JustAnswer® Sets Expert Qualifications Bar for Consumer Q&A Site

December 1, 2009

Company Touts 100 Percent of Its Experts Are Verified Through Industry’s Most Stringent Screening Process

San Francisco, Calif. – December 1, 2009 – JustAnswer®, the website where people go when they want an answer from a Doctor, Lawyer, or one of thousands of Experts one-on-one, has just significantly raised the bar for quality of expertise for all consumer question and answer sites. The company is the first of its kind to achieve 100 percent verified Experts, all of whom are vetted through what is by far the most rigorous screening process in the industry – a mere 5.3 percent of applicants are approved and become Experts on JustAnswer. 

“By percentages, it’s harder to become an Expert on JustAnswer than it is to get into Harvard,” says Emily Reber Porter, JustAnswer's Director of Expert Quality and Harvard Law School Alumna.

100 Percent Verified Experts

The thousands of Experts on JustAnswer answering questions in more than 100 categories have all had their credentials reviewed by one of two leading third-party verification companies – both of which are Global Fortune 500 companies. Every Expert in every category on JustAnswer has had their identity and at least one credential verified – such as a license, certification, educational degree, or employment history – that is relevant to the category in which they’re answering questions.


Obtaining the verification companies’ approval is just one part of JustAnswer’s multi-step corroboration procedure. Potential Experts are administered tests in the subject matter of their respective fields. Applicants who refuse or do not pass either the verification process or the test are not accepted as Experts. Even after approval, Experts must continue to earn the right to provide answers to customers on JustAnswer. They must earn high customer satisfaction ratings, and they are subject to ongoing peer review by other Experts on JustAnswer.

“Millions of registered users around the world come to JustAnswer for answers to questions in over 100 areas that require advanced training, specific experience or specialized education,” said JustAnswer CEO Andy Kurtzig.  “Other answer sites leave their customers in the hands of high school students to answer questions. But, we only provide customers with access to Doctors, Lawyers, and other verified Experts in their respective fields.”

Experts Enjoy Helping Customers, Making Additional Income, and Learning from Other Experts
Once verified, Experts on JustAnswer apply their knowledge by answering questions in a quick and compassionate manner. While many Experts do this to earn extra money, others do it simply to help.  Some Experts have made up to $20,000 in a given month.  Experts who love their craft find that JustAnswer expands their horizons considerably.  Verified Experts can even continue their education by interacting with peers and discussing their expertise pertaining to a particular customer question. 

Prospective Experts can visit JustAnswer’s Expert’s Corner to apply to be a part of the Expert network on JustAnswer. 

About JustAnswer

JustAnswer® is a website where people go when they want an answer from a Doctor, Lawyer, Mechanic or one of thousands of Experts one-on-one.  Millions with questions come to the site for affordable and fast answers in more than 100 categories, ranging from Medical to Legal. Experts typically provide answers within minutes.  For more information about the company, please visit the top-200-ranked JustAnswer website or view real-time questions online now.

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