The JustAnswer Promise

If you’re not happy, we will give your money back.

Wow, that’s a pretty bold statement. But we’re standing by it.

Because when you come to JustAnswer, you get 24/7 access to verified Experts – real specialists who give you customized answers to your questions, one-on-one. You decide how much you pay to use the service and you decide if you’re satisfied with your answer. If you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund for your question … no questions asked.

Think about that. Other services always charge you for their time. For instance, if you took your car to an auto shop, even if the mechanic couldn’t figure out the problem, he’s still going to charge for his time.

At JustAnswer, it works a little differently. First, you pay to ask a question. When you get your answer, you can review it or follow up with your Expert until you’re satisfied. If you're not satisfied with your answer, just let us know and we'll help you re-post your question for a second opinion. Or, if you prefer, we will refund your money ASAP!

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Are they nuts? How could they possibly run a business that way?” Well, the truth is, the process works great. In fact, because of our site, millions of satisfied customers around the world have received fast, helpful and affordable answers. How can we offer such a totally customer-friendly policy? Because we believe so firmly in the quality of the Experts on JustAnswer.

Here’s a bit about Expert Quality at JustAnswer*:

  1. Subject matter test. Every Expert is required to pass an online subject matter test in her respective category.
  2. Verify credentials. Every Expert undergoes a screening of his or her listed licenses, certifications, education and/or employment. We then have a leading third-party verification service verify at least one credential for each Expert on the website (e.g. license, certification, educational degree, or employment history).
  3. Ongoing review. Experts are subject to ongoing quality reviews by customers, other Experts in their categories, secret shoppers, and the Expert Quality Advisory Board.

(*These processes are yet to be implemented on JustAnswer’s newer .de (German), .es (Spanish) or .jp (Japanese) sites, or the Beta test categories on

To some people, that might seem like overkill. But not to us.

Because we need that expertise to offer our Shockingly Simple JustAnswer Promise.

You’ve already seen the short version: If you’re not happy, we will give your money back.

Now here’s the version our lawyers and accountants put together.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your answer:

(1) You can ask for another Expert and get a new answer to the question you asked for no extra charge. If you request a refund because you have not received a response, first please check your My Questions page to see if a response waiting for you.

(2) If you prefer, you can request a refund and, in most instances, even initiate that refund yourself. Of course, you can also cancel a subscription at any time. We usually process refund requests within 24 hours; depending on your bank, it can take anywhere from 3-5 business days for funds to be available in your account.

(3) Payments are refundable per the above for thirty (30) days. See Terms of Service for details.

Which is really just a lengthy, legal, lawyer-ish way of saying: If you’re not happy, we will give your money back.

Whichever version you prefer, it’s our way of saying that you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our mission is to help people by providing the #1 online platform for them to access verified Experts – quickly, conveniently and affordably. Millions of our customers appreciate that and apparently, so does the Better Business Bureau (at least we think so, because they gave us an A+ rating). In short, by offering our service, we believe that we can improve the world. And for us to declare that mission accomplished, you’ve got to be happy.

Which is why we say: If you’re not happy, we will give your money back.