Privacy & Security

JustAnswer LLC., a Limited Liability Company domiciled in Idaho/USA, operates the Internet platform, through which questioners (users) can pose general questions to experts. The servers for the Internet platform are currently located in Texas (USA); consequently, all of your personal data are stored and processed in Texas and California. Please note that the data protection law of Texas, California, and the U.S. does not currently offer the same protection against use and transmission of personal data as is the case under the law of the European Union and, in particular, United Kingdom. Nevertheless, JustAnswer shall protect your personal data to the greatest extent possible against unauthorized use and transmission in conformity with European and United Kingdom data protection law.
Note that you enter your information directly on the website hosted in Texas without having to download programs or parts of programs on the PC you are using, and therefore United Kingdom data protection law is not legally applicable to JustAnswer.
In addition, JustAnswer is a licensee of the "TRUSTe Privacy Program." TRUSTe is an independent American organization whose goal is to strengthen the confidence of Internet users by means of the use of fair information practices on the Internet. You can find more information about TRUSTe at TRUSTe regularly checks the data protection standards of JustAnswer, but not in accordance with United Kingdom and European law.
If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions concerning data protection and the security of your data, please contact [email protected].
1. Data protection
1.1 Collection of personal data
Personal data are all individual information items concerning personal and material circumstances of a specific or identifiable natural person. This includes, for example, name, address, date of birth, and occupation.
You can visit and look through the website without personal data being collected, stored, or used by JustAnswer. But if you disclose personal data to JustAnswer, you consent to the fact that such data will be stored, used, and processed for purposes of the performance of the contractual relationship with JustAnswer (in this regard, see the General Use and Business Terms and Conditions for Questioners (Users) and - for Experts – the Expert Contract) of JustAnswer.
You should never disclose personal data without an inquiry from JustAnswer. But if you wish to register with JustAnswer as a user or an expert, JustAnswer needs specific personal data in order to make it possible for you to use the services of JustAnswer. This includes your e-mail address, your credit card number, and, in the case of issuance of direct debit authorizations, your bank account information (unless you wish to make payments via PayPal). Experts and specific participants in the recommendation program ("Referral Program") are also asked for their names, addresses, telephone numbers, documentation of performance, professional licenses, and certifications. Additional personal data might also be necessary, depending on the services, that JustAnswer offers and which you wish to utilize. Do not use the relevant service of JustAnswer if you do not wish to disclose such personal data.
If you wish to report personal data of third parties (for example, the e-mail address of friends or possible experts) to JustAnswer, make sure in advance that the relevant person consents thereto and to being contacted by JustAnswer. Note that you can be liable to the relevant person, as well as JustAnswer, if you have not obtained the person's consent.
1.2 Publication of the content of your questions, answers, posts, and articles on the website
Please note that is an Internet forum, whose content is available to the public. Therefore, the content of your questions, answers, posts, and other contributions (hereinafter referred to jointly as "Contributions") can be published on the website and viewed by users of the website, as well as downloaded and sent. The content can generally also be called up via external search engines. You should therefore make absolutely certain that your Contributions contain no information that enables you or other persons to be identified.
1.3 Publication of expert profiles
If you are also admitted as an expert at JustAnswer (in this regard, see the Expert Contract), your profiles are also published on the website and accessible to everyone and are also available via external search engines.
1.4 Use and transmission of personal data
Aside from the exceptions described below, JustAnswer shall use, process, and transmit your personal data exclusively for the performance of the services that are offered.
This includes the necessary dissemination of your personal data to service providers that assist us with the performance of the services, for example, to the credit card companies, through which the collection of payments and the disbursement of balances and payment claims are carried out. You can see whether we use service providers, and which service providers we use, in the respective provisions for our services, particularly the General Use and Business Terms and Conditions for Questioners (Users), Participation Terms and Conditions for E-Mail Recommendations of New Users and Experts for JustAnswer (Referral Program) and, if you are or want to become an expert, the Expert Contract.
JustAnswer also uses your personal data to send you information concerning the services of the website via e-mail, if you are registered as a user or have concluded an Expert Contract.
JustAnswer also uses some of your data in order to ascertain the preferences of users and user habits or for scientific investigations, for the purpose of market research, and for the purpose of advertising on the website. However, JustAnswer will anonymize your personal data in all of these cases.
JustAnswer transmits certain personal data (not, however, your name, e-mail address, or telephone number) to advertising partners that place advertising on the [website] that might interest you. You can prevent this by following the instructions in the following link.
We will only provide your data to other third parties to the extent necessary, if we are obligated to do by law or governmental orders or if we have to defend ourselves against rights or claims of third parties.
Note that your data are stored and processed in California and Texas and that our obligations to surrender data under U.S. law might differ from United Kingdom law.
1.5 Modification of your personal data
You can modify and correct your personal data at any time by opening your account via the website and change your profile that is posted there.
1.6 Objection
You are able at all times to object to the continued use of your personal data in whole or in part by means of an e-mail to [email protected]([email protected] for experts) or a fax to +1-415-480-2121. JustAnswer will then no longer use the data, but use of the services will be limited, or even completely precluded, as a result.
1.7 Information claims
You can request information at any time concerning your personal data stored and used at JustAnswer, the purpose of the storage, the origin of the data, and the recipient or categories of recipients, to whom JustAnswer transmits your personal data, by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. The information shall be provided in text form by way of a reply to your e-mail.
1.8 Correction, deletion, and blocking of data
§ 35 BDSG shall be applicable mutatis mutandis.
1.9 Cookies
JustAnswer uses so-called "session cookies" to make it easier for you to use the websites. These are small text files that are saved on your hard drive. Otherwise, cookies do not retrieve any information about you stored on your hard drive and do not negatively affect your PC or your files. Most browsers are set up to accept these cookies automatically. However, you can deactivate the storage of cookies (in which case, however, use of many services of is no longer possible) or adjust [your] browser in such a manner that it makes you aware of the sending of cookies.
1.10 Use of links to and from external providers
Note that the website has links to external third parties (advertising banners, for example) and that links can be named in Contributions. If you open these links, you will be on the website of third parties, whose data protection policy and security measures JustAnswer is not able to influence.
2. Security
JustAnswer and use a number of security precautions in order to protect the website and you against unauthorized third-party access to your data.
JustAnswer uses a 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology and digital certification for monetary payments via credit cards and the confirmation thereof.
The JustAnswer database records important changes, such that unauthorized payment flows can be cancelled quickly.
The main servers of JustAnswer are located with a leading Internet Access Provider with the highest level of security precautions, including biometric recognition and 24/7 monitoring of the employees. In addition, JustAnswer has a backup server system, in which, however, no e-mail addresses, credit card information, or passwords are stored.
In spite of the high security precautions, however, the possibility cannot be ruled out that unauthorized third parties might gain access to personal data without permission.