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What is JustAnswer®?

JustAnswer is the largest paid online Expert Answers marketplace. We globally connect people with verified Experts such as Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics and Veterinarians.

Our Mission Is To Help People by providing the #1 online platform for people to access verified Experts -- quickly, conveniently and affordably. By doing so, we believe that we can improve the world.

Our Values:
1. Quality - We strive to attract the highest quality Experts to our site. Measures of quality include credentials, customer feedback and peer reviews.

2. Access - We live in a society that does not provide equal access to Experts for all. JustAnswer’s platform presents customers with a fast, affordable and convenient way to connect with Experts online, 24/7.

3. Compassion - We value compassion, humility, generosity (giving Customers more value than they pay for), candour and fairness.