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I accepted More Q&A/Ongoing Help from the Expert. What does this mean and how do I get started?

Now that you've accepted more Q&A/ongoing help from the Expert, review the helpful tips below to make sure you get the most out of your session.

  1. If you're not satisfied with the answer you received, reply to your Expert and let them know why you are not satisfied. They'll continue to help until you are satisfied.
  2. If you're still waiting for a response from the Expert, send them a reply and let them know you're standing by. If your Expert is online, they may be helping another customer at this time and will get back to your soon.
  3. Remember, your Expert will continue helping you beyond the scope of your original question directly on your question page. As a reminder, you will not receive a phone call.

We hope your session is a success and that we can help answer more questions for you in the future.