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How can I cancel my membership?


Step-by-Step Instructions

Instructional Video and Screenshots

1. To cancel your membership, click My Account in the top right corner of the page. If you don't see My Account, you are not signed in. Click Sign In to sign into your account. 

2. Click on Membership on the left side. The Membership page shows membership details and includes the option to cancel your membership and edit payment information. Please note, if you do not see the Membership link under My Account, you are not enrolled in a membership.

3. Enter your reason for cancelling in the text box and click Submit to save.

Prefer to watch a video or view photos explaining how to cancel?  Click the following links to access a video tutorial and screenshots to learn how to cancel your membership.




Please note, the membership plan is OPTIONAL and you can ask a question or accept an answer without being enrolled in a membership plan.

Your JustAnswer account will remain active even if you cancel your membership. Once your membership is cancelled, you will not receive recurring charges and will only be charged when you post a new question.

Still see charges on your account? If you did not enroll in a membership but noticed charges on your account, it is likely that the charges are associated with a question you posted. To review your payment information and recent questions, visit the Order History page.