How much do I get paid?

For every user who asks a question and accepts the answer or leaves a positive rating, you get 20% of their payment and all future accepts, forever (subject to active participation in the program per the referral agreement).

When/How do I get paid?

We pay using PayPal on the first business day of every month that you have £20 or more in accumulated earnings. Please go to the "Account/Pay" Tab to enter your PayPal information.

Do you use cookies to track delayed registration?

Yes! Users who come to our site from your referral but do not register have a cookie that identifies you, and it is active for a year! Of course, we cannot track if cookies are erased, and if there are multiple referrers, our system defaults to the most recent cookie before the registration.

What other non-monetary benefits do your affiliates gain?

Please see this quote from one of our affiliates:

"[JustAnswer] fits well with the flow of AutoBeef. Someone who enters a complaint about their Chevy, for example, is automatically offered the chance to ask a question of a certified Chevy Mechanic. The JustAnswer question box is also great because it's an interactive element that integrates really well into our web pages - it's not just another banner ad. JustAnswer is a very positive addition to CarComplaints.com and its branding. Our site visitors find JustAnswer is an easy, helpful, & extremely valuable service."

How do I know the Experts will give my readers excellent service?

This is JustAnswer's strongest point. The Experts go through a strict review process before being allowed to join, which includes approval from other Experts in the category. Experts are licensed/certified in their respective fields, or have proven to be skilled in specific areas.

How quickly do the questions get answered?

This depends on the time of day and complexity of the questions, but most questions are answered in minutes.

Can I customize the JustAnswer box on my site?

Yes! We provide you the tools so you can maximize effectiveness. Please choose “Custom Question Box” in the “Type” drop down menu of the Get Question Box page.

What if I have Multiple Categories of questions?

No problem! Our accurate statistical probability algorithms automatically route all questions to the right Experts. Furthermore, moderators monitor and reroute any miscategorized questions as needed.